The soothing celestial tracks promise to bestow calm on the harried psyche and energize the weariest of souls. He then began working in theater and taught music appreciation to disadvantaged and handicapped children before embarking on a career in retail and design. On Spiritus, a fusion of New Age and chill-out melodies David Wahler synthesizes an atmospheric album that defies time and distance and settles diaphanously on a theme of placid peace. I highly recommend this album to anyone who needs a bit of respite after a particularly tough day. The tender moments are the most pure and stay with us as the days march on.

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Each song is distinctive yet they flow together in a beautifully cohesive listening experience that allows the listener to remain immersed in the soothing vibe they create from beginning to end. The twinkling sound of chimes spirotus the sound of water rushing by blends with elegant keyboard compositions and percussive elements to bring a tapestry of sound and a landscape to sink yourself into.

Альбом Spiritus — David Wahler

It will refresh you both body and soul-and that my friends I can attest daviv by experience. Sublime electronic keyboard melodies are accented by shimmering sonics, strings, reverbed bell tones, breathy chorals and many other expertly applied effects and textures. The soothing celestial tracks promise to bestow calm on the harried psyche and spifitus the weariest of souls.

Delicate keyboarding morphs into electronic bursts of wonderment like the sun setting dust motes ablaze with light when they fall in front of a stained glass window. The compositions are fluid and each piece is done with care and precision.

This is a musical shoulder rub and mind massage guaranteed to melt rocks. Wahleg out the glistening tones and twinkling textures on «Ananda» which are gently buoyed by a slow tempo semi-glitchy rhythm—oh so dreamy!


David Wahler

David delves deeper into the sublime and the metaphysical with the tune Devi. He has been involved in Broadway, symphonies and has worked with disadvantaged and handicapped children.

With the power of your mind, the boundaries are up to you. The celestial horns invite you aboard a vessel of the imagination to wander and explore. What is interesting, however, is that in a lot of music the beat or percussion is much more prominent in the mix driving the song, while the more atmospheric elements are in the background.

Devi is the Goddess of Energies, but she has many other manifestations. The crisp sensation of the atmospheric music gave way to texture and electronic multi instrumentation that led me on an inner journey of peace and tranquility.

He then began working in theater and taught music appreciation to disadvantaged and handicapped children before embarking on a career in retail and design. It will alter your disposition into something positive.

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Yet he finds a way of integrating beats and rhythms all the same without distracting from the overall warmth and softness of the music itself. The tune is sweetly melodic, a pleasing acknowledgement of the power of the Divine. Both albums were on my annual Favorites lists as well.

Wahler was strongly drawn to the piano at the age of seven and studied classical piano from childhood through college. Spiritus opens with the title track, an ethereal piece for angelic voices, layers of ambient sound, and a beautiful acoustic guitar melody — a lovely beginning! The album opens with the title tune, Spiritus. waahler


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Much can be overcome with the common bond of music. I particularly liked all the little spacey electronic sounds that weave davvid and out of the sonic tapestry. The music of the light has promise and our destination will be well worth the journey. Essences of flute echo through the piece, bringing serenity and wonderment.

David Wahler — Spiritus () — скачать торрент бесплатно.

The keyboard melodies that David plays over his ethereal backgrounds are often understated and serve to maintain the meditative air. The music is gentle, like a whispered prayer of gratitude.

This transport can go across oceans or galaxies or even dimensions. You just kinda float away with it.

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David Wahler — Spiritus Keyboardist David Wahler explores the softer side of chill-out, perhaps even the ethereal aspect of the genre, on his best album to date, Spiritus. Currently, he teaches music to students with challenges.

While David is classically trained on piano, he is quite adept in the ambient electronic realms and has an excellent sense of the kind of sounds, and their arrangement, that will enhance spiritks ethereal nature of his compositions.

In addition to enjoying it for active listening, it also makes a perfect backdrop for meditation, yoga, massage, or just relaxing after a long day.